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Nick Markakis

A month or so ago, I provided my rationale for dealing Curt Schilling for Michael Young and Aubrey Huff. I also asked for Fake Teams members' views on whether or not that was something they would like to see. The response was 70+% in favor.

Of course, I haven't made a trade since, but I recently sent a feeler out to the team in my AL-only (4x4 $260 14H/9P keeper) about a $17 Nick Markakis. The owner had no interest in dealing him, but I was willing to treat Nick as a $30 player.

My question is what others thought about a $17 Markakis for a $24 Magglio Ordonez and $1 Nick Punto.

Update [2007-2-7 11:38:20 by Eric Hz]: From Eric Karabell's ESPN chat:

Nick Markakis, MD: Why is Delmon Young going higher than me? I will certainly put up better numbers. Do you agree?

Eric Karabell: (11:14 AM ET ) I don't think we can assume Markakis will put up better stats than Delmon, though it's clear which guy is the more mature player, and probably person. Delmon however offers that great bit of upside. He runs. He has power. He could be tremendous. Or he could disappoint. I think Markakis, for where he will likely be drafted, is better value than Delmon. Delmon has that name and all the attention. Markakis could go 30-100 real soon.