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Super Bowl Prediction

The Indianapolis Colts enter today's Super Bowl match-up against the Chicago Bears as seven-point favorites.  This line has remained the same for the past two weeks.  That surprises me as I expect the Bears to play a good game and keep the score close - at a minimum.

If I were a betting man - and I emphasis I am not, I would take the points.  There are two worries, though.  First, my opinion hasn't changed since I saw the seven-point line.  I worry I have missed an important piece of info that would lead me to reconsider my initial position.

Second, the spread screams, "Take the Bears!" and, when Vegas says that, I want to take the contrarian position and lay the points.  That then loops back to my first worry.

Anyhow, I hope Peyton Manning wins his ring and puts a stop to all the blather about not being great due to a lack of one.

Colts 26 Bears 23.