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Chris Iannetta

I'm checking out the free content at Baseball Prospectus (Accept PayPal and I can read the pay stuff!)and see Nate Silver is running his prospect list by position per his PECOTA ratings. At the top is Rockies backstop Chris Iannetta. His projection is 15/63/.297 which is an excellent line for a catcher in an NL-only and the same for a mixed league team that chooses his catcher with his last pick. (FWIW, John Sickels is providing some beta projections in this year's prospect book. He projects Iannetta at 16/74/.303)

Based on his ratings, there is a huge drop-off from Iannetta (156.5) to Saltalamacchia (112)and an equally big one from there to Miguel Montero (73.6). Is there likely that big a difference between Iannetta and Montero?

Player John Sickels Top 50 Hitters Baseball Notebook Scouts Inc BA's Org. Top 10
Chris Iannetta 25 N/R 83 N/A
Miguel Montero 29 N/R N/R N/A