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Jim Callis Chat

It is Wednesday so that means Jim Callis will be answering questions for his ESPN Chat at 2Pm today.  With Baseball America's Top 100 ready to be released, I am sure he will be fielding questions about where so and so ranks and why so and so isn't higher than Player X.  

I hope he offers some information on Humberto Sanchez.  The Yanks are shutting him down for a few days to deal with "forearm pain".  I wonder if this will be the new euphemism for ulnar collateral ligment damage (read:Tommy John surgery candidate.)

Click this link - Jim Callis Chat - to enter.  Remember it is open to everyone while it is live (2PM to ~3 PM).  Once it ends, though, ESPN whisks it behind its Insider subscription wall.

For those interested, there is also a fantasy baseball chat at 11AM.  Click this link - Fantasy Baseball Chat.

I have an AL-only Yahoo! draft today at 12:30 EST, and there are still 5 openings.  If you're interested, the league is called "True Rotisserie", and it is open to the public. Here is the link.