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Jim Callis Chat

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It is Wednesday so that means Jim Callis will be answering questions for his ESPN Chat at 2Pm today.  With Baseball America's Top 100 ready to be released, I am sure he will be fielding questions about where so and so ranks and why so and so isn't higher than Player X.  

I hope he offers some information on Humberto Sanchez.  The Yanks are shutting him down for a few days to deal with "forearm pain".  I wonder if this will be the new euphemism for ulnar collateral ligment damage (read:Tommy John surgery candidate.)

Click this link - Jim Callis Chat - to enter.  Remember it is open to everyone while it is live (2PM to ~3 PM).  Once it ends, though, ESPN whisks it behind its Insider subscription wall.

For those interested, there is also a fantasy baseball chat at 11AM.  Click this link - Fantasy Baseball Chat.

I have an AL-only Yahoo! draft today at 12:30 EST, and there are still 5 openings.  If you're interested, the league is called "True Rotisserie", and it is open to the public. Here is the link.