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New Poll

There is a new poll.  This one was spurred on by a comment I heard the host of the Rotowire Fantasy Sports Hour make while talking about the top fantasy 1B.  Albert Pujols and Ryan Howard were No.s 1 and 2.  However, the host had Derrek Lee as #3.  

I was surprised as Mark Teixeira and Paul Konerko have better claims to the spot.  Each has  produced at a consistent level - if not as high as Lee's 2005 season.  Given Lee has been a .270 hitter with the exception of 2005, and he is no spring chicken, I thought the ranking to be too high.

However, I recognize that I lump all .280ish/30/100 firstbasemen together so I wanted to see what everyone else thought.


A comment on the last closer poll.  Overwhelmingly, people thought Ryan Dempster will be the first to lose his closer job when given the choice among him, Salomon Torres and Jose Valverde.  The level of support (58%) is what raised my eyebrows.  After all, Torres is 34 and appeared in 94 games last year.  Isn't overuse a concern?  And Jose Valverde has already lost the job in each of the past two seasons.