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AL-only 4x4 Draft

At 12:30, I have an AL-only 12-team 4x4 draft on Yahoo!.  Unfortunately, I was unable to load the draft software and won't be able to participate.  I did pre-rank players, but in a way that seems very haphazard.

I risk heresy by saying that, but I really don't have the inclination to rank 500 or so players. What I did was adjust the Yahoo! ranks to reflect some position scarcity.  This means adding some catchers and middle infielders to my rankings to off-set the 1B and OF runs.

More importantly, I excluded Keith Foulke, Kris Benson, Scott Elarton and a bunch of other useless/injured 4x4 players (read: many starting pitchers).  Foulke had good numbers last year, and I fear he would have been auto-selected.  This one move is a must in autodrafts!  

As with autopick drafts, I am curious how this will turn out.

Update [2007-2-28 16:30:6 by Eric Hz]: Here is my team with the boo-boo. In addition to failing to exclude Liriano, I had only pre-ranked enough players to get through 10 rounds. Another wise move when pre-ranking is to do so for the total number of players being drafted. In this case it was 12 teams for 21 round - 12x21=252.

Here is a link for the draft results.

Rd Player Overall
1 David Ortiz 4
2 Michael Young 21
3 Johnny Damon 28
4 Rocco Baldelli 45
5 Alex Gordon 52
6 Mike Mussina 69
7 Erik Bedard 76
8 Javier Vázquez 93
9 Aubrey Huff 100
10 Jorge Posada 117
11 Plácido Polanco 124
12 Fransco Liriano 141
13 Garret Anderson 148
14 Héctor Carrasco 165
15 Miguel Batista 172
16 Danys Báez 189
17 Jeff Weaver 196
18 Scott Proctor 213
19 Mark Ellis 220
20 Robb Quinlan 237
21 Rob Mackowiak 244