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James Loney

With the recent news that James Loney may begin 2007 in AAA due to the need to carry Olmeado Saenz, Ramon Martinez, Marlon Anderson and Jason Repko, I was brought back to the first couple months of the 2006 season. Last Spring, the Dodgers moved well-regarded prospect to LF and reports were glowing for the entire duration of Spring Training. At the last moment, Guzman was sent to AAA.

I figured he would be amongst the first players recalled given the totality of the reports on his Spring Training. Grady Little was comparing him to HoFer Dave Winfield. However, I was wrong. The Dodgers placed seven players on the DL before calling up Guzman on June 1st when Jeff Kent was disabled. This doesn't include Cody Ross being designated for assignment or RP Lance Carter being optioned to AAA to make room for AA OF Matt Kemp.

How does this relate to Loney? Obviously, he will need something negative to happen to a player on the major league roster in order to get an opportunity. And, the Dodgers were so snake bitten last season that I wouldn't be surprised to see no one get hurt. That would prove disasterous. As it would for Matt Kemp if he doesn't make the team out of the Spring.

Date Move Player Recalled
3/28 Joel Guzman optioned to AAA Tick tock
4/2 Kenny Lofton on DL Ramon Martinez
4/2 Jayson Werth on DL Opening Day
4/4 Nomar Garciaparra on DL James Loney
4/17 Cody Ross DFA Oscar Robles
5/2 Ricky Ledee on DL Andre Ethier
5/5 Dioner Navarro on DL Russ Martin
5/10 Jason Repko on DL Wily Aybar
5/12 Bill Mueller on DL Oscar Robles
5/28 Lance Carter optioned Matt Kemp
6/1 Jeff Kent on DL Joel Guzman