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FBEWL Draft Results

This is the team I drafted in last night's 13-team Fantasy Baseball Express Writers League.  As I usually do, I focused on hitting in the first five rounds and switched to pitching afterwards.  It is my belief that the quality of hitters levels off after 50-60 picks and that teams have filled positions that force them to begin drafting with the roster's parameters in mind i.e I need a SS no matter how much I want to draft a 3rd 1B.

Round Player   Overall
1 Ryan Howard 5
2 Manny Ramírez 22
3 Derek Jeter 31
4 Bill Hall 48
5 Rocco Baldelli 57
6 Jeremy Bondrmn 74
7 Jason Schmidt 83
8 Barry Zito 100
9 Mike Mussina 109
10 Mike Cameron 126
11 Richie Sexson 135
12 Ian Kinsler 152
13 Salomón Torres 161
14 Jorge Posada 178
15 Seth McClung 187
16 Corey Hart 204
17 Joel Piñeiro 213
18 Daniel Cabrera 230
19 Ted Lilly 239
20 Brad Hawpe 256
21 B.J. Upton 265
22 Kenny Lofton 282
23 Kevin Youkilis 291
24 Boof Bonser 308
25 Henry Owens 317

I was ready to grab hitters with my ninth pick but chose to grab Mike Mussina because the drop-off after him was quite dramatic.  Following my pitching run, I focused on categories I did not address and the positions I need to fill.  Again, I typically look for HR/SB combos.  In this draft, I took Mike Cameron.  When my 11th pick came along, I grabbed Richie Sexson because there was no other 30+ HR I deemed as reliable of Sexson.

At this point, the best players at each position are gone, and I began to grab the best available at the positions I needed.  I had hoped to wait on Ian Kinsler, but the two other 2Bs I targeted - Josh Barfield and Brandon Phillips fell off the board.

Once those spots were addressed, I began to take best available hitters and pitchers for my bench while addressing SB.  I couldn't pass on Brad Hawpe but then took BJ Upton and Kenny Lofton in hopes both can steal 25 this year.  Kevin Youkilis is a Runs sleeper this year.  His power numbers do not stack-up well as a corner, but he is a lock for 90+ runs due to his excellent OBP.

In general, my drafts follow the same course - 4-5 hitters with a couple of personal sleepers, 3-4 pitchers, 5-6 best players at positions of need, wrap up with sleepers and best availables.  

Here are the draft results.  Let me know where I went wrong or could have done better.