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Local Papers Links

Yesterday, the posting was slower than I prefer because I was using what spare time I had to work on the Local Papers section in the left-hand sidebar.  With Spring Training nearing full-swing, there are player stories that need to be followed - Brandon Wood's transition to 3B, Armando Benitez's recovery, the Marlin's closer situation (per, Fake Teams' favorite Kevin Gregg is the front runner.)  To check these developments, I check the local coverage of the player's team.  That usually takes me to NBC/Rotoworld, ESPN and Buster Olney's blog (for something I may have missed with the first two.)

What bothered me about those other sites is I'd have to click through a few pages to find the link I wanted.  To solve that, I decided to add them to Fake Teams.  Since I check FT prior to those others sites, I will already be where I want to be.  This is a convenience I am already enjoying and hope you do too.

As an added bonus, I now have a convenient site that links to those sports sections via my cell phone's internet access.  This makes standing in long lines more bearable as I can just go to Fake Teams and scroll down until I reach the link to the paper I want to read (or to any new comments or diaries on FT!).  To add further augmentation to that bonus, I can also access the news sections of those papers the same way.  Specifically, The New York Times which caused my cell phone to turn off everytime I tried to type the url in.

I want to hear if there is a local paper I missed.  If so, I can add it fairly easily. In the mean time, I am going to enjoy a pot of coffee and hit my favorite Sunday sports sections via the Local Papers section.  First up, Joel Sherman's NY Post column.  After that Bill Madden's NY Daily News one.