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Trade Analysis

Joe Blanton is the type of starting pitcher whose 2006 season looks better for real life baseball than fantasy - 31 starts, 194.1 IP and 16 W. In fantasy, the Ws are very nice, but the innings pitched combined with his 4.82 ERA and 1.52 WHIP are death.

Why then, did I just deal an $18 Jorge Posada and a $6 Jesse Crain for a $5 Blanton and $5 Fernando Cabrera in an AL-only 12-team $260 keeper league? It is a question I have been asking myself since I OK'ed the deal yesterday morning. First, I am uncomfortable paying for starting pitching at the draft so Blanton's $5 is more attractive than $29 for Andy Pettitte. 2nd, I had extra hitting, and the cheap pitching at the draft will consist of Kansas City Royals, Tampa Bay Devil Rays and Seattle Mariners pitchers. Is a $5 Blanton better than what is available at the back-end of those rotations? Yes.

The third consideration was Indians reliever Fernando Cabrera. With the retirement of Keith Foulke, one roadblock to the fulfillment of his potential closer is removed. Next up would be Roberto Hernandez and then Joe Borowski. That seems considerably less formidable than the ones Jesse Crain faces in Juan Rincon and Joe Nathan.

Overall, I exchanged an excess of hitting for something I would need to pay for at the draft - starting pitching and potential saves. From that perspective, I accomplished my goal. Now I need Blanton's BAA to settle somewhere between his 2005 level (.239) and his 2006 one (.309), and this deal will look even better. That's a risk I like.

There is a poll inside to let me know how I did.