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Josh Johnson and Michael Young

NBC/Rotoworld reports that the almost NL ERA Champion Josh Johnson experienced more forearm discomfort while throwing on flat ground.  This can only be considered negative following his September shutdown and a winter's worth of rest.  If healthy, I can see JJ being amongst the slew of starting pitchers that fall off draft boards beginning in the 8th-10th round.  

Right now, the injury causes him to drop to the back end of the run i.e 14th round.  At that point, he could prove to be a bargain, but he'd also lessen the bust if he struggles all season with forearm difficutlies.


Yesterday, the same member of the MSFM reported Michael Young will be hitting third for the Texas Rangers.  With the addition of .350+ OBP hitters Kenny Lofton (Am I the only one who consistently spells that with a "-ten"?) and Frank Catalonotto hitting in front of him, Young is as solid a lock to repeat last season's 100 RBI campaign as any player could be who has only done it once.  (NOTE:  He drove in 99 and 91 in the previous two seasons.)

What is as attractive are the career-high 52 doubles he hit last year.  If some of those turn (back?) into HRs, Young will produce a line very similar to what Miguel Tejada has done recently (25/100/.300+)  This is in addition to the reigns being slackened on the running game now that Buck Showalter has left.  A 20/110/.300+/10 with 100+ runs is not an unreasonably optimistic expectation for Michael Young in 2007.