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Brandon Wood

It's finally happened.  After years of speculation and projection, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim will try top prospect, SS Brandon Wood, at 3B this spring.  If he adapts well, then he is likely going to open the season at 3B in AAA Salt Lake.  In a hitter's paradise, expect Wood to produce prodigious numbers.

The position change will hasten his arrival in the big leagues.  What works in his favor is an Angels line-up lacking power outside of Vladimir Guerrero.  At 3B, Chone Figgins has a 6 HR bat, and his back-up, Macier Izuris, possesses the same.  By simply substituting Wood's power at 3B for Figgins/Izturis, anyone can see the improvement on paper.  It will be too much of a temptation to resist.  This will be especially true if Casey Kotchman or kendry Morales cannot produce in their DH/1B ABs.

I know the ROY race in the American league needs only to be decided between Daisake Matsuzaka and Alex Gordon, but don't be surprised to see Wood come up on the outside and produce a season similar to Ryan Howard's 2005 ROY campaign - hitting 20 HRs and helping the Angels separate from the pack int he AL West!