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Jim Callis Chat

At 2 PM, Baseball America's Jim Callis will be in the ESPN chat room discussing minor leaguers.  As we draw closer to our fantasy drafts, minor league player information becomes more important.  As Spring Training games begin, even more so because fantasy players begin to get an idea of which minor leaguers will be on the radar for the 2007 season.  Rockies CF Dexter Fowler has the skills fantasy players lover - power/speed, but OF Seth Smith will be in AAA after hitting 46 doubles in AA.  The Yankees Joba Chamberlain is highly rated, but Tyler Clippard will be in AAA.

Click here to enter the chat at 2PM and recall it is open to non-subscribers while live ~2PM to 3 PM, and then gets whisked behind the Insider wall.

For those interested, the Fantasy Baseball Chat starts at 11AM.  Click here to enter.  It should be open from 11 AM to Noon.