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Edgar Gonzalez, A Scrub in "Stars & Scrubs"

While compiling the various pitcher ranks, a player kept popping-up in places I had never considered.  The pitcher is Arizona Diamondback Edgar Gonzalez.  After some examination of the components used to determine the ranks, what stood out was his 1.27 WHIP and his 3.11 K:BB.  Or as Ron Shandler would call it "Command".

He slipped under my radar due to the attention eventual NL Cy Young winner Brandon Webb garnered, and the fantasy lure of a stable of young (read: cheap) fantasy hitters.  Throw-in a change in closer role, and the perfect scenario existed for a 2007 scrub in the Stars & Scrubs strategy.

Despite being mentioned here and in Ron Shandler's Baseball Forecaster 2007, Gonzalez is too far down the pitching depth chart to merit a mixed-league selection, but, in an Nl-only, a team can do worse than spending a $1 on him over the hopes that LaTroy Hawkins can pitch in Colorado or that a washed-up more well-known pitcher like Ryan Franklin can do the same.