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Andrew Miller

Once again, The Baseball Prospect Book 2007 By John Sickels has provided me with an insight I did not see anywhere else. (Although it can be found Minor League Splits.) Whilst reading about Tigers 2006 1st round pick, LHP Andrew Miller, in the perpetual search for the best player I can select with my 3rd overall minor league pick, I was struck by this:

Most people may not be aware, however, that Miller is an EXTREME groundball pitcher.
This is the kind of information I find important when evaluating a minor league pitcher as a possible fantasy league contributor. Keeping the ball on the ground keeps it out of the stands. And if Chein-Ming Wang can produce a quality fantasy season as an extreme groundball pitcher with no strikeouts, imagine what an extreme groundball pitcher with strikeout ability can do!

Should I worry about the Tigers' infield defense if Wang can be successful with the Yankees' infield?

Player John Sickels Top 50 Pitchers Baseball Notebook Scouts Inc BA's Org. Top 10
Andrew Miller 7 N/A N/A 2