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Bill Stoneman/Andrew Freidman-Gerry Hunsicker Conversation

The Sporting News Spring Training Preveiw issue is out, and it has a whole lot of information - compared to its typical off-season content (a few hundred words).

One of the most entertaining bits is an imaginary conversation between the GM's of the LAA and TB.  It goes like this:

Stoneman: What do you want for Rocco Baldelli?
Hunsicker: We'd love to move baldelli, but we're going to need Brandon Wood, Ervin Santana and Mike Napoli.
Stoneman: Those kids are the backbone of our team.
Freidman: OK, then how about Jered Weaver, howie Kendrick and Jeff Mathis?
Stoneman: No.  Backbone!
Hunsicker: Santana, mathis and Casey Kotchman?
Stoneman: Don't insult me.
Freidman: My final offer: Santana and Dallas McPherson.
Stoneman: Call me when you have a logical offer.
Hunsicker: Call when you're ready to accept one.

Not too shabby for tongue-in-cheek.  Ervin Santana for Rocco Baldelli seems fair, no?

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