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Larry Broadway - Scrubs of "Stars & Scrubs"

At the end of January, I went through the Washington Nationals with an eye towards some hitting sleepers.  I mentioned AAA 1B Larry Broadway as a possibility.  The team had just signed veteran 1B Travis Lee and the healing of Nick Johnson's broken leg had him out until the beginning of May.

As pitchers & catchers began to report, the news on Nick Johnson is more dire.  He has recently announced that he cannot even jog due to the discomfort and that he may not be back until June or later.  The Nationals have subsequently signed veteran Dmitri Young.

However, GM Jim Bowden has publicly stated that Broadway will get the first chance to replace Johnson.  Keep an eye on him as his AAA numbers make him easy to forget - 15 HRs in AAA.  The Zephyrs home stadium was one of the worst in the minors for HRs.  This doesn't mean Broadway will come to RFK and begin launching bombs, but it may mean that Broadway will not see a drop in power.  Recall he hit 12 HRs in 186 injury filled 2005 ABs in AA Harrisburg which followed 22 the previous season.

I wouldn't come close to drafting Broadway in a mixed format, but an NL-only league would find Broadway as a classic 'scrubs" in an expertly executed Stars & Scrubs draft strategy.

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