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Mariano Rivera

Mariano Rivera has finally demanded the same treatment other superstars are afforded - the right to demand an extension before the end of his current contract.

Whether the Yankees should sign him to one is the question.  As a Yankees fan, Rivera deserves it.  Now I don't know what he expects so my opinion is flexible pending the number.

As a fantasy baseball player, there is less concern.  Most leagues are of the mixed variety so a Mariano flight from New York would be of little consequence.  AL-only leagues would have more concern, but that would only extend to a keeper league and only to the team that owned him.

I wonder if there is a fantasy equivalent to this contract demand.  In keeper leagues (AL-only in this situation), there is often a situation were an owner must either sign a player to a contract or let him go back into the pool.  What salary would Mo have to carry in order to offset the risk he may switch leagues.  $20?  $25?  $30?