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New Poll

I have a new poll up about which closer will lose their job first - Todd Jones, Bob Wickman, Seth McClung or Other.  This is the kind of question all fantasy baseball players should be asking as their drafts near.  If you are comfortable with the job security of the various closers, you will be ready to either bid to full-value the various closers or sit out the frenzy and satisfy yourself with Joel Zumaya, Mike Gonzalez or Raphael Soriano or TBA Devil Ray Reliever.

A comment on the previous poll about which player is more over-valued - Joe Mauer, Nick Markakis, Delmon Young or Other?  Overwhelming, Delmon Young was the choice by 42% of the voters.  Second was Other with 22%.  Mauer and Markakis drew 19% and 15% respectively.

This was surprising to me because I think Delmon has the most fantasy upside in 2007 with a possible five-cateory contribution while Mauer doen's offer enough power production and Markakis has never provided that.  Neither are SB threats.  Who is "Other"?  Maybe that would clear things up.