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New Fantasy Baseball Blog - MLB Front Office

 There is a new fantasy blog on the block.  It is Major League Front Office.  I usually like to do a brief Q&A to introduce a new blog.  

Here is what I emailed Brad:

FT: If you're OK with that, could you answer me these questions three.

What is your quest?
What is your favorite color?
What is the unladen air speed velocity of a sparrow?

Not those.  These.

  1.  Is there any non-traditional stat you look at to evaluate hitters?
  2.  Are SBs and SVs over-rated?
  3.  Mixed League or AL-/NL-Only?
There it is the bridge of death...Look theres the old man from scene 24!
I'll Just Answer the 5 questions as best I can...3 QUESTIONS!
What is your quest?
to seek the holy grail
What is your favorite color?
What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen sparrow?
What do you mean African or Eurpean?
What I don't know that!

and on to Intermission...
You just need to know these things when your king.

Does anyone doubt the blog is worth checking out when its wirter gets the Monty Python and the Holy Grail reference and carries it forward?

Here are the fantasy Q&A.

1.  Is there any non-traditional stat you look at to evaluate hitters?
I consider myself a pretty traditional fantasy baseball player.  I'd say I use more non-traditional statistics while evaluating pitchers than while evaluating hitters.

2.  Are SBs and SVs over-rated?
SB no, SVs yes.  My overall strategy includes getting a very good balance of speed, power and average in the earlier rounds but I do usually wait until the later rounds to get SVs.  I do not completely boot the category but I think that there are good closers you can get in the later rounds and to an equal extent of the waiver wire once the season starts.  Closers like Jason Isringhausen and Soloman Torres are usually available pretty late in the draft and I'm also not afraid to draft a guy like Akinori Otsuka or Kerry Wood who have the potential to get saves but are not closers as of now.

3.  Mixed League or AL-/NL-Only?
Mixed leagues.

Thank you.

Be sure to visit Major League Front Office.