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Baseball Chats

ESPN is having three consecutive baseball chats begining with a Fantasy Baseball Chat at 11 AM.  Click through to read it live.  Like all ESPN's chats, when they end, they are whisked behind the Insider subscription wall.

At noon, Rob Neyer has a chat, and, after that, Gary Gillette will be answering baseball questions.  There is a good chance these will overlap.  If you can't attend the entirity of all/any of them, I suggest visiting late in the chat and printing off a copy for later perusal.

Coincidentally, they are ordered from most relevant to least relevant for fantasy baseball.  Anyhow, leave comments here or post questions you want to see answered differently.  Either I or another member will answer it.

Remember to make an entry in the Fake Teams Best Fantasy Baseball Team Name Contest.  It will end Friday at Midnight.   That should allow the three winners all weekend to enjoy the 2007 Rotoauthority Fantasy Guide.