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New Fantasy Blog - Lenny Melnick's Fantasy Baseball

Update [2007-2-12 16:6:1 by Eric Hz]:

Lenny says, "If I sounded like a self-absorbed jerk (I may be a jerk but not self absorbed!) I meant it tongue-in-cheek and certainly am not a pompous ass…..If I was a real expert on baseball I would be in Vegas betting Baltimore and Pittsburgh to win their divisions! Is Peter Gammons an "expert" ? Sorry folks bad day,,,,,Listen for an apology on my Daily Podcast

There are always questions about what makes one an expert in fantasy sports.  Lenny Melnick of Lenny Melnick's Fantasy Baseball was kind enough to answer that question for me in a form that would be acceptable for my local newspaper's letter to the editor policy (250 words or less.)

FT: What does it take to be an expert in fantasy baseball?

LM: What makes an expert?   The word "expert "implies knowing it all." In MLB and Fantasy, "NOBODY" knows it all!

However, when you understand the puzzle of the draft.  When you have figured out the formula for obtaining the players you want and consistently, year after year,walk out of the draft room with the players you want, you have an expertise.  When you do your homework and understand that Fantasy Baseball is a numbers game, and manage to figure out and obtain the correct players at your draft consistently, year after year, you have an expertise.  When you can figure out constantly ,year after year, ways to remedy the fact that NOBODY can accurately forecast the performance of all Major League players and adjust to those underperforming while taking advantage of those overachieving, you have an expertise. When you use your expertise to enter and win `Competitive" leagues year after year, you are an expert.

I  have developed the "Control The Draft" system for fantasy baseball. As a result of understanding and using this system , I have walked out of hundreds or drafts for 20 years with a smile on my face..I have won the USA TODAY Baseball Weeky LABR Expert league twice..and have won the  Tout Wars Expert league once. I am an EXPERT.

Thank you.

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