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Who Is A Fantasy Baseball Expert

What makes a someone who plays fantasy baseball an "expert"?  It is a question I ask myself everytime one of those "experts" makes a selection in a mock draft that I find disagreeable. Or said "expert" wrote an article I thought was obviously lacking in the insight necessary to merit the appellation.  Or provided an answer to a reader's question that was obviously ill-informed.  Or didn't win their fantasy league by double-digit points.

Anything and everything that I found incorrect with an "experts" position was a reason to doubt the qualifications for the designation.  There was a certain schaedenfruede I would experience when these mistakes were made.  I was an expert!  Why couldn't I be recognized as such?

After blogging for a couple of years now, I am still searching for that one trait that makes a fantasy player an "expert".  Is there even one trait that makes one an expert?  Can there be when we play a game in which we must predict the the future performance of a group of players we have no influence on whatsoever?

I am curious what you think makes one a fantasy "expert".