question on keeper leagues???

would just like to get thoughts on other people who are in keeper leagues.Personally im in a pretty gay league at the moment where 9 ouf of the 12 owners are pretty useless in the offseason.If i dont make someone an offer i think ive received 1 trade offer by email since the end of the 2006 season. a couple questions of i have for keeper leagues..............

  1. do you have alot of activity during Nov-March trading wise?
  2. do you have certain owners who even though you know your going to take there money and it makes it easier on you to get better players make you mad they dont try more harder?
3:do you have owners where you could offer Mark Texiera for Bobby Keilty and they will still say no,just because they are scared to trade?

4: do you have owners who will only trade with the friend who invited them in the league and will trade with nobody else.

Not trying to pick on anyone but just wondering if this is the normal way keeper leagues are run or am i just in the lamest league in the rotoworld?

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