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San Francisco Giants Sleepers

Hitting on sleepers from different organizations, I began to think of the San Francisco Giants. Is there a team that has received more negative coverage this off-season? And if there is, then I re-ask: Is there a West Coast team that has? I do not think so, and I expect that to only worsen as fantasy baseball kicks into high gear over the next two months.

Why? The Giants are old. From top to bottom their everyday line-up, to the extent these geezers can play everyday, is old. The youngster? 31-year-old Pedro Feliz. No matter how much positive coverage Matt Cain gets, and he will get A LOT of it, the miasma of creaky knees and aching backs will not lift.

As such, all of the Giants hitters will be undervalued. Can you name one who won't?

Positon Player Age
C Benji Molina 32
C Elizor Alfonzo 28
1B Rich Aurilia 35
1B Ryan Klesko 35
2B Ray Durham 35
2B Kevin Frandsen 24
SS Omar Vizquel 39
3B Pedro Feliz 31
LF Barry Bonds 42
CF Dave Roberts 34
RF Randy Winn 32
OF Jason Ellison 28
OF Todd Linden 26
OF Mark Sweeney 37
AAA Fred Lewis 26