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MLB Rumors: Johan Santana, Dan Haren, Jed Lowrie

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While trade rumors about Johan Santana have quieted over the past four days, that doesn't mean there aren't nuggets of information being provided across the country that can be pieced together to get a bigger picture.  Sometimes that means there isn't really much going on, too.

La Velle E. Neal III writes a well-placed source said the Twins have had some good dialogue lately with the Red Sox for Johan Santana.  Does that make the Red Sox more likely to acquire Johan or does it just mean neither side speaks as if their heels can never be undug from their current position?

If his source is better than Phil Miller's source, then the former is more likely.  Miller writes Twins' GM Bill Smith said little has changed since he returned from Nashville.

Bill Madden is becoming convinced Yankees' GM Brian Cahsman will not deal prospects to the Twins for Johan Santana because Cashman is totally committed to building a new Yankees' dunasty through those prospects, and Kevin Davidoff writes the Mets are banking on the Twins emphasis on scouting, and not statistical analysis, to assist them in the pursuit of Johan Santana.  If so, then "Minnesota will go for the Mets' tool-heavy Carlos Gomez and stuff-heavy Mike Pelfrey."

Good luck.


George King's source tells him the Yankees are in on the trae effors to acquire the Oakland A's Dan Haren but may be hard-pressed to match a five-player offer from the Arizona Diamondbacks that includes pitchers Brian Anderson and Max Scherzer along with OF Carlos Gonzalez.   The Yankees seem unlikely to match this as the team doesn't have the position depth on offense to deal well-regarded hitting prospects the same way the D'backs do.  

The Yankees are also unlikely to top their Johan Santana offer (Hughes, Melky and B- level prospects) in a trade for Dan Haren.  King quotes Hank Steinbrenner, "It's no secret that Billy Beane will be asking a lot for Haren.  He could want more than Minnesota wanted, and that's unacceptable."

Susan Slusser also mentions the Diamondbacks' five-player package for Dan Haren and says it could happen in the next week.  Whether King and Slusser are close enough colleagues to be the source for each other or if both have the same source, one cannot say.


Nick Cafardo mentions the Colorado Rockies like Jed Lowrie but do not appear willing to deal Brian Fuentes for him.  One year of Fuentes for six of a 2B whose slash stats through 1,072 minor league ABs is 291/386/448 and slugged more than .500 between AA and AAA last season?  This appears to be short-sighted on the part of the Rockies.  I know Fuentes has been very successful in Colorado, but he is still a middle reliever going into his walk year.  Lowrie is one the top middle infield prospects in the minors.  If this rumor is truly a one-for-one, then the Rox would be foolish to let it pass.