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Week Fourteen Injury Analysis From Stephania Bell

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For those who do not know, Stephania Bell is the current fantasy injury expert at  She took over for Will Carroll sometime in the late summer (?) for reasons I do not know but will guess at anyhow.  She came to my attention as the fantasy injury expert for Rotowire on XM Radio's "Fantasy Sports Hour".

Right now, ESPN shares no affiliation in her introduction as the Friday regular on the XM show unlike Mr. Carroll, who could be referred to as the injury expert for a variety of publications - Baseball Prospectus, and Rotowire.  My guess is Mr. Carroll left ESPN because the Disney boys demanded he become their sole property.  If you're reading Will or Stephania, email me to let me know if I have guessed correctly.  It will remain off-the-record.

Anyhow, Ms. Bell has certainly come into her own as the season has progressed, and she has my aural and visual attention whenever she is available.  She hosts the Friday Fantasy Injury Chat at along with her own ESPN blog in addition to her Friday appearance on the "Rotowire's Fantasy Sports Hour".  For further flooding of the zone, she typically leads off the Sunday morning fantasy chat on at 10AM.

That said, here is a partial rundown of her injury opinions from her Friday morning chat.  (ed:  Isn't that really ESPN's chat?)

Marshawn Lynch:
Will play, but ,if the high ankle sprain acts-up, then it is Fred Jackson time

Brandon Jacobs:
Limited in practice but will play.

LenDale White:
Will play, but worries about fumble risk with the injured finger

Anquan Boldin/Larry Fitzgerald:
Boldin hasn't practiced and likely won't play.  Fitzgerald is a game time decision but won't be 100%

Jesse Chatman:
Ankle is still a problem.  Won't play

Brett Favre:
Threw alot in practice on Thursday.  Will play.

Selvin Young/Travis Henry:
Young practiced fully.  Henry reports his knee is just 80%

Check out the above links to her "blog" and Sunday chat for additional updates.  I believe none are behind the Insider subscription wall.