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Week Fourteen Fantasy Football Play-offs and Point Spreads Questions

The overriding question this week is whether or not the injury fill-ins and 2007 breakout players of 2007 produce at the most critical junstion of the fantasy football season - the play-offs!  There will inevitably be luky and unlucky breaks that end seasons.  Who it will be is yet to be told.

One of the biggest things I am watching for the fantasy play-offs is the performances of Giants' QB Eli Manning versus that of Falcons' QB Chris Redman.  In one league's play-offs, the rosters had to be set prior to Thursday's game.  The pool of QBs to select from was limited, and I stuck with Eli despite desparately wanting to sit him.  However, I would have grabbed Chris Redman to start if I had another day to set my line-up.  Here's to hoping that does not come back to haunt me.

My apologies for any typos.  I'm hitting 12 o'clock mass.  It can't hurt can it?

Carolina at Jacksonville:

  • Can the Jaguars continue their six-game streak of scoring more than 24 points in a game?
  • Is Dave Garrard next year's sleeper QB?
NY Giants at Philadelphia:
  • Will Brandon Jacobs play the whole game?
  • Will Eli Manning have a good game?
St. Louis at Cincinnati:
  • St Louis Rams starting QB - Brock Berlin!
  • Are the Bengals good enough on defense to stop a Brock Berlin-led offense?
Tampa Bay at Houston :
  • Will Luke McCown repeat his Week 13 effort?
  • Can Sage Rosenfels be the QB Andre Johnson owners need him to be?
Miami at Buffalo:
  • Will rookie RB Lorenzo Booker be a poor man's Reggie Bush - 30-50 yards rushing and 5+ receptions?
  • Which rookie QB wins this face-off, Trent Edwards or John Beck?
  • Will Marshawn Lynch remain healthy for the entire game or will RB Fred Jackson get enough work to hurt Lynch's value?
Oakland at Green Bay:
  • With fantasy experts sold on him, can Justin Fargas during the most important time of the season?
  • How about Ryan Grant?
Dallas at Detroit:
  • Do the Cowboys' live up the the bettors' expectations of a high-scoring game?
  • Who replaces Lions' #1 WR Roy Williams?
San Diego at Tennessee:
  • Are the Chargers for real like the pick'em spread on the road implies?
  • Will LenDale White be effective?
Minnesota at San Francisco:
  • The Vikings are 8.5 favorites on the road in one of the lowest O/U numbers.  Does this mean Adrian Peterson grinds out a huge game in the first week of the play-offs?
  • Anything from RB Frank Gore?
Arizona at Seattle:
  • Will WRs Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald finally be missed?
  • Who would hae thought this game would have serious play-off implications for the Cardinals?
Cleveland at NY Jets:
  • Important December games for Cleveland.  Keep it up!  At least through the fantasy play-offs.
  • Can Thomas Jones produce again?
Pittsburgh at New England:
  • Outside of New England, is anyone cheering against the Patriots?
  • Can Willie Parker run against the Patriots the same way Willis McGahee did?
Kansas City at Denver:
  • Can the Kolby Smith Train continue down the tracks?
  • Will RB Travis Henry be just healthy enough to vulture carries and TDs from Selvin Young?
Indianapolis at Baltimore:
  • WR Marvin Harrison is out.  Will the back-ups produce for their fantasy owners?
  • How does the team react to giving away a W against the Patriots last week?
New Orleans at Atlanta :
  • Will the Saints run the ball at all or will they borrow pages from the Detroi Lions 2007 playbook?
  • Will RB Jerious Norwood finally get increased touches and produce with them?