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Week Fourteen Expected NFL Scores - Kellen Clemens and Chris Redman Upside Surprises?

This week's biggest expected-score surprise might just be the one involving the Cleveland Browns and New York Jets. I just can't decide if the Browns' expected points total of 25 is surprisingly low or if the Jets' total of 22 is surprisingly high.

Does this mean 1st-year starting QB, Kellen Clemens, is expected to have his best game of his short career? FWIW, he has never thrown for more than a single TD in a game nor has he thrown for more than 260 yards in a game. And if the QB does well, then the WRs likely will, too.

Another surprise is the Saints/Falcons game. As road favorites without RB Reggie Bush and no semblance of a back-up RB, the team is expected to score 24 points or three TDs and a FG. If the Saints can't run, and they weren't doing a good job of it the past several weeks anyhow, then is it unreasonable to think Drew Brees won't be involved in at least two of those TDs?

What intrigues me is how Falcons' QB Chris Redman follows-up his relief effort from last week. 20 points says he could lead four scoring drives (2 TDs and 2 FGs.) WR Roddy White against the Saints' CB Jason David will go a long way to fulfilling this. If RB Jerious Norwood finally gets his chance after his eight carry/94 yard effort last week, he could also break one or two long runs.

Favorite Underdog O/U Point Spread Expected Score
Eagles Giants 42.5 3 Eagles 23-20
Browns* Jets 47.5 3 Browns* 25-22
Jaguars Panthers 37.5 10.5 Jaguars 24-14
Cowboys* Lions 51.5 10.5 Cowboys* 31-21
Bills Dolphins 35.5 7 Bills 21-14
Packers Raiders 40 10.5 Packers 25-15
Patriots Steelers 48 10.5 Patriots 29-19
Titans Chargers 40 0 Titans 20-20
Bengals Rams 47 7 Bengals 27-20
Buccaneers* Texans 40.5 3 Buccaneers* 22-19
Seahawks Cardinals 44 7 Seahawks 26-19
Vikings* 49ers 39 8.5 Vikings* 24-15
Broncos Chiefs 37 6.5 Broncos 22-15
Colts Ravens 42 9 Colts 26-17
Saints* Falcons 43.5 3.5 Saints* 24-20