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Vegas Says: Week 14

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Two weeks in a row, two times the Patriots are favored by 20 or more points, two times the Patriots need a fourth quarter comeback just to win the game. And this week?

All odds are for entertainment purposes only.  This article is not designed to provide gambling information.  If you live in a place where sports gambling is illegal, please don't do it.  Is Vegas taking bets on where Johan Santana will end up?  There might be some money to made there.
All odds are from  The home team is listed first.

Patriots (-10.5) vs Steelers - Only ten and a half points?   I guess the oddsmakers are tired of getting burned (burnt?).  Considering the way the Eagles and Ravens (both sub-.500 teams) performed against the Pats, I'd feel confident starting all your Steelers.  

Packers (-10.5) vs Raiders - A gimpy Brett Favre, the possibility of the Packers having to start Craig Nall at QB, the recent breakthrough of Justin Fargas...all of these things would make you think the Raiders might have a chance.  Forget it.  The oddsmakers like Green Bay a lot - as much as  they like the Patriots.  Don't worry about Favre, start all your Packers this week.  

Falcons (+4) vs Saints - Why don't the oddsmakers like the Saints more in this matchup?  Do they think the Saints have given up on the season? They really like Chris Redman?  Actually, yeah, maybe they really do like Chris Redman.  Whatever the reason, this doesn't look good if you're counting on Bush or Colston or even Brees this week.