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Carlos Quentin, 2007 Sleeper?

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When the White Sox acquired 2nd-year rightfielder Carlos Quentin from the Arizona Diamondbacks for Low A sluggin 1B Chris Carter, my first reaction was the value of 0-3 year OF has plummetted. After all the Mets had just dealt OF Lastings Milledge for a catcher who can't hit and a 29-year-old good-side-of-the-platoon OF.

My next reaction was to view Quentin a a quality sleeper for 2008 as the under-whleming efforts in his first two stints in the majors, along with the price paid to acquire him, will keep his value low. With reports about his shoulder surgery involving just his throwing arm, the implication is it won't keep him from playing the outfield and most of the season.

Given I am more concerned about his fantasy production, though, my concern is what shoulder is his front shoulder while he bats because the front shoulder is the arm that swings the holds the bat through the entire at-bat. Last season, J.D. Drew and Mark Teahen both saw dramatic drops in HRs after having thei front hitting shoulders operated on.

So I have concern about what kind of HR production, and by extension fantasy production, Carlos Quentin will provide in 2008. While I consider him a cheap end-of-draft player in deep AL-only leagues, I will pass in mixed leagues. Without the a keeper league component, Carlso Quentin's 2008 value will not make him a hot sleeper for me.

PLAYER Inj Shldr Bats Front Shld Drop in HR
JD Drew Right Left Yes 45%
Mark Teahen Right Left Yes 61%
Carlos Quentin Left Right Yes ?