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MLB Rumors: The Latest On Johan Santana and Erik Bedard (Brian Roberts, too!)

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My spidersense tells me the mania surrounding Johan Santana is subsiding.  Whether this is because the Twins are getting cold feet or the Red Sox offer was more bluff than real, I can't say.  Regardless, here is some of the latest information surrounding Johan Santana along with Option 1A, Erik Bedard, with a splash of a Brian Roberts trade.

Gordon Edes says the Red Sox are no closer to landing Santana but qualifies that as a success as the Venezuelian did not end-up in pinstripes.  That is reasonable given the Red Sox keep the chips they offered.  At this poiint, the Yankees could say the same about Santana not landing in Boston, too.

Dave Lennon believes the Mets are back in the Santana discussions and have offered a variety of packages around "outfielders Carlos Gomez or Fernando Martinez and pitchers Mike Pelfrey or Philip Humber, combined with more secondary prospects."  Unfortunately, the Twins appear to be fixated on SS Jose Reyes being included in any deal to the exclusion of any other configuration.  

Omar Minaya also made a run at O's ace, Erik Bedard, but was rebuffed until something occurs with Santana.  If Adam Rubin is correct about what the Mets are willing to offer, don't hold you breath.  He says, "The Mets don't seem able to sweeten their offers much more than what has already been dangled: one of their outfield prospects (Carlos Gomez or Fernando Martinez), and Philip Humber, Kevin Mulvey or Mike Pelfrey, along with Aaron Heilman. The Mets don't appear willing to part with Gomez and Martinez in a deal...."

Geoff Baker writes the Mariners are a team on the back-burner in the Johan Santana sweepstakes.  And he is fairly emphatic about it.  To quote, "...for now the M's are Minnesota's Plan C or D. Or maybe zero. They are not in-play. Do not believe anything else."

However, he does have good news for M's fans.  He says the teams is still the best fit as a trade partner in the Erik Bedard Sweepstakes.  That isn't coming from the M's side but from the Baltimore one.  Whether the Mariners' would pay for that good fit goes untouched upon.

Dan Connolly writes the Orioles are unlikely to make any deal before leaving Nashville today.  While Erik Bedard has been the focus of trade rumors for a couple days, 2B Brian Roberts-to-the-Cubs arose.  Given the good relationship between the two teams' GM, a framework for this deal may be easier to get.

However, owner Peter Angelos may nix that deal due to Roberts popularity on a team lacking in fan favorites.  If he didn't, then the Cubs could offer  P Sean Marshall, OFs Matt Murton and Felix Pie and 2B Eric Patterson.