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Los Angeles Angels and Dodgers News

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After watching the Tigers acquire Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis for a six-player package of prospects, Mike Di Giovanna provides the sticking point on the much-discussed Miguel Cabrera failed trade discussions.  

He writes the framework of the deal was 2B Howie Kendrick, C Jeff Mathis and AA SP Nick Adenhart with the disagreement over the Marlins wanting Ervin Santana to be the 4th player while the Angels wanted the 4th to be Reggie Willits.  To me, the inclusion of either player shouldn't have been problematic.  Ervin Santana inexplicably stunk last season, and Willits is a 5th OF following the Torri Hunter signing.

Regardless, I'm not convinced what the Tigers gave is better than what the Angles wanted to give - Kendrick, Mathis, Adenhart and Willits.  And the Fish would still have Willis as a trading chip!

Dylan Hernandez writes the signing of CF Andruw jones to a two-year/$36.3MM contract frees-up the team to deal either Andre Ethier or Matt Kemp for pitching.  Given Kemp's name has been attached to every rumored deal with the Dodgers for a big-time player, this makes sense.

What doesn't quite jibe is why the Dodgers want Juan Pierre starting in LF.  Wouldn't the team be better off seeing if the another team would take Pierre along with some Dodgers' green and keep Ethier and Kemp?  Who needs a CF?