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MLB Rumors: Johan Santana, New York Yankees And New York Mets

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ESPN's Jayson Stark couldn't find any confirmation that the Dodgers are in on the Johan Santana Sweepstakes.  However, he did dig-up that the team is more interested in Erik Bedard.  Mr. Stark guesses that offer would likely entail a 4-for-1 headed by Clayton Kershaw and either Matt Kemp or Andre Ethier.

John Heyman  confirms the Dodgers are not in the Santana talks, but " baseball people believe they are best equipped to make a Santana deal because of their deep farm system and their signing of Andruw Jones, which could make young outfielders Matt Kemp or Andre Ethier expendable."  If the package was lead by Kershaw and Kemp, I would be shocked if the Dodgers wouldn't jump to the head of the line.  However, that doesn't seem likely given Dodgers' GM Ned Coletti's recent statements.

More interesting is what Mr. Heyman reports another of Yankees' GM Brian Cashman compatriots saying.  "One competing exec said "the Yankees are crazy'' to have let the deal blow up over pitching prospect Alan Horne -- a No. 5 starter in waiting, in the estimation of some -- or even outfield prospect Austin Jackson."

If this opinion builds towards a public consensus, I would not be surprised to see the Yankees get back in.  If they do, expect there to be a a couple days worth of excuse-making columns from the local New York media about how the Yankees would become more amenable if the Twins did "X" or said "Y".

Mr. Heyman also mentions that "Mets people emphatically admit now that they're in it to win it." (Bold face emphasis mine.)  While the current package floated in the media doesn't appear to be enough to land Santana, a strong enough commitment by the Mets could lead to the inclusion of any of their prospects/players.  Why stop at Carlos Gomez or Fernando Martinez and Mike Pefrey or Phil Humber?  Why not all four?

Isn't that being in it to win it?  And no matter what the Twins think, they are not signing Johan Santana if they let him play out the season.  This isn't like the Yankees letting Mariano Rivera flirt with other teams with the knowledge the Yankees would sign him anyways.  Once Santana hits the market, he is a goner.