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Jacksonville Jaguars' Miserable WRs: Ernest Wilford, Dennis Northcutt, George Williams

During the 15th round of the SBNation Bloggers Fantasy Football League, Eric and I were discussing taking a Jaguars WR.  None of them had been taken yet and we felt that their #1 WR would be at least a decent backup.  We took Matt Jones (on my recommendation), even though the Jags blog - Big Cat Country - passed on him to take Dennis Northcutt three picks before.  The fact that the Jags guy passed on Jones should've been a clue, huh?  As you'd expect he was right as Jones has been a bust.  Ugh, sorry Eric.

It's not just Jones that has been a bust though; the entire Jacksonville receiving corps has been a fluky disappointment.  Three different starting quarterbacks haven't helped things, but regardless of who is behind the center, the Jaguars are still a run-first and run-second offense.  

George Williams - Williams has been the best fantasy wide receiver this season with 26 catches for 450 yards and six touchdowns.  The problem has been his inconsistency - he has six touchdowns (good) but also has only one game with 100+ receiving yards (bad) and five games with less than 20 receiving yards (very bad!)

Dennis Northcutt - The former Brown castoff elicited grunts of surprise when he was drafted, but he has been the best wide receiver statistically this season with 36 catches for 465 yards and 3 touchdowns.  Of course, "Best Jags Receiver" is a relative term; he ranks 69th in the league in receiving yards, a little more than a third of TO's league-leading total.

Marcedes Lewis - His 32 catches rank second on the team and most fantasy players have never heard of him.  I think most Jaguars fans have never heard of him.  They're hearing about him lately though as he has 5 catches in each of last two games, including a touchdown last week.  He's a hot waiver pickup if you need a tight end.

Ernest Wilford - The guy with supposed breakout potential has been quiet all season with 30 catches for 378 yards and no touchdowns.

Matt Jones - Remember him?  The gangly white guy?  The magic has disappeared as he's struggled to pull in 12 catches this year.  Wow, what a bomb.