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Why Hasn't Johan Santana Been Traded Yet? The Yankees Are Still In It?

Surprisingly, Jophan Santana has not been traded to the Boston Red Sox yet.  There hasn't been anything to explain why.  Kat O'Brien reports the Twins did approach the Yankees on Tuesday which could signal the Red Sox offers are not as attractive as we have been lead to believe.

Additionally, La Velle E. Neal III writes, "...despite what Hank Steinbrenner says, the Twins have not been told by the Yankees that they have pulled out of the Johan Santana sweepstakes."  This would support the hypothesis that the Twins do not like the Red Sox packages as much as the one from the Yankees led by Phil Hughes.

For another signal the Yankees are not out of the Johan Santana market, George King offers this:

GM Brian Cashman refused to discuss the Yankees dropping out of the Santana hunt. "I can't comment on a specific situation," Cashman said. "If there is something to talk about, I will."

Maybe the Yankees are still in it?  IF not, why can't the Twins and Red Sox reach an agreement?

Another possibility is the Red Sox really do not want to trade for Johan Santana and are only engaging in a game of chicken with the New York Yankees.  We don't know, and kudos to all sides for keeping us guessing.