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Third Stringers Galore: Chris Redman, Brock Berlin, JaMarcus Russell

NFL quarterbacks are falling like...what?  Leaves?  Citigroup's stock price?  Hillary's poll numbers in Iowa?  You can insert your own simile.  The point is that things are bad.  And these new, third-string quarterbacks affect their entire teams.  You may not care that some of these guys are starting, but you're probably counting on some players from their teams.

Chris Redman, Atlanta- Redman finished last week's game with 172 passing yards and two touchdowns - and he only came into the game in the fourth quarter.  Coach Petrino hasn't announced if Redman will start this Sunday or if he's going back to Joey Harrington, but hopefully he'll have two or three neurons fire at the same time and start Redman.  This would be good news for your Falcons especially with the Saints coming up.

Brock Berlin, St. Louis - Gus Frerotte is out and Marc Bulger's bell is ringing so he may not be ready for Sunday either.  That means it's time for Brock Berlin.  Does he take your breath away?  He should -- in a bad way, not a hot Kelly McGillis way -- if you're counting on Torry Holt or Steven Jackson for your fantasy playoffs.  This is bad news for your Rams.

JaMarcus Russell, Oakland - QB Josh McCown was benched for the star rookie last week and Russell responded by going 4 for 7 for 56 yards.  Then McCown was un-benched and led Oakland to a victory.  It's unlikely that Russell will start this week, but it's the Raiders so who the heck knows?  I still think Russell isn't ready for prime-time so don't count on a good day even if he does start.  That would be bad news for your Raiders.