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Are The Red Sox Serious About Acquiring Johan Santana?

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Here are a couple of tidbits on the efforts to trade or acquire Twins' lefty Johan Santana.  Via Metsblog, Keith Law told the ESPN News television audience that the Twins have reached out to the Mets, Dodgers and Angels.  Combined with this blog report from Gordon Edes of The Boston Globe reports the Red Sox are increasingly ambivalent about obtaining Johan Santna, one can begin to conclude the Red Sox were not as serious about acquiring Santana as they were with driving-up the price for the New York Yankees.

If the Twins are reaching out to other teams, what can we conclude?  Are the Twins getting cold feet?  Are the Red Sox dealing in good faith?  Are any of the rumored offers real?  Are the Twins being offered much less than what is being rumored?

These are questions we cannot answer with any more confidence than we have when predicting the weather.


Were the Red Sox mainly trying to raise the price the Yankees paid for Santana?

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