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Doh! Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis Traded!

Just hours after Ken Rosenthal broke the news that the Florida Marlins and the Detroit Tigers were engaged in trade discussions revolving around Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis going to Detroit for Andrew Miller and Cameron Maybin, the trade occurs.  In addition to Miller and Maybin, the Tigers are getting catcher Mike Rubello and three minor league pitchers.

While this appears to be much less than what the Angels had to pay for Cabrera alone, the names of the minor league pitchers may change that.  I have a hard time believing it unless one of those players is a PTBNL who will be named one year after he signed his first professional contract.  That PTBNL would be Mike Porcello.

That doubt aside, is this how the Marlins addressed their catching situation?  They use their two biggest trading chips to get Mike Rubello?  I wonder if the team decided it could live with another year of Miguel Olivo.

I am curious now whether this trade makes the Angels serious players for Johan Santana or any other player of that caliber? With the readiness to deal Howie Kendrick et all, you have to think the team could get almost any player they would like.


Who wins this trade?

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