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Backup WRs: Mike Furrey, Bryant Johnson, Sidney Rice

Playoffs!  Your fantasy league is likely starting the playoffs this week or next so you know damn well how much you need to win this week.  Unfortunately, there's been a rash of wide receiver injuries so you may need some help.  I know I do.  Here are a few guys that have recently become fantasy-worthy due to teammate injuries.

Mike Furrey, Detroit - With Roy Williams out for the year, Mike Furrey steps back into the frame.   While Calvin Johnson is probably not available, and Shaun McDonald shouldn't be available,  Mike Furrey is currently available in 74% of Sportsline leagues and may be available in yours as well.  Furrey has more experience with QB Jon Kitna than Johnson and McDonald combined, so don't be put off by his current "#3 WR" label.

Bryant Johnson, Arizona  -- With both Larry Fitzgerald and now Anquan Boldin injured, Johnson takes over as the #1 WR in a very good passing  offense.  Johnson had his best game of the year this past weekend with six catches for 56 yards and a touchdown.  Expect more of the same the next two weeks against Seattle and New Orleans.

Amani Toomer, NY Giants - Plaxico Burress is gimpy so Toomer has been seeing a lot more passes thrown his way.  His totals of 14 catches for 191 yards and a touchdown over the past three weeks make him worth a start if you're desperate for WR help.  QB Eli Manning is erratic even in the best of situations though, so you never know what you're going to get.  

Sidney Rice, Minnesota - The loss of WR Troy Williamson has devastated the Vikings and fantasy football. Ha-ha-ha-ha!  Just kidding. Of course, nobody noticed that Williamson was hurt, but the injury did allow rookie Sidney Rice the opportunity to step up.  He's certainly done that with 135 receiving yards and two touchdowns over the past two games.   The Vikings offense has looked noticeably better with Rice on the field as well, so you should expect him to keep starting even when Williamson is healthy.