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MLB Rumors Update: Johan Santana, Erik Bedard, Miguel Cabrera

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Update [2007-12-4 17:20:59 by Eric Hz]: Will Carroll of Baseball Prospectus says the Santana-to-the-Red Sox deal is all but done.

Sean McAdam reports the Angels have jumped into the Johan Santana Sweepstakes.  The team was told SP Jered Weaver would have to be included.  Given the holes at 3B and CF for the Twins, one would thing 3B Brandon Wood and CF Reggie Willits would be attractive. writers Buster Olney, Peter Gammons and Amy Nelson provide some interesting information.  Ms. Nelson reports the Dodgers and Orioles' are in heavy negotiations on an Erik Bedard trade that would fill two of the Orioles' needs - centerfield and closer.  The players mentioned are Matt Kemp and Jonathan Broxton.

Buster Olney writes the Yankees have not talked with the Twins today, and he confirms the Angels do have interest in Johan Santana.  he also writes the Blue Jays are interested in Erik Bedard.  he feels the Jays have the young pitcher to anchor the offer.

Finally, Peter Gammons provides additional information on the Red Sox offer for Johan Santana.  A 5th player, 1B Ryan Kalish, has been added to the four-player package headed by Jon Lester.  (He does not write that the Lester package is the one that would have an added player be the 5th.  I presumed it so.)

Mr. Gammons also updates the discussions between the Angels and Marlins for Miguel Cabrera.  He writes:

The Marlins and Angels are serious about moving Miguel Cabrera to the Angels. Expect Florida to get Howie Kendrick, Nick Adenhart, Jeff Mathis and a prospect from L.A. for the third baseman.