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2008 Fantasy Baseball Outfield Rankings Part II

Here is the second part of the OF rankings. (Here is Part I.) Some of the more highly-hyped players begin to show-up at rankings lower than their hype levels would dictate i.e Delmon Young and Hunter Pence.

This is not a mistake but a function of the methods used to rank these players. Recall that these rankings incorporate three seasons worth of data on a 60/30/10 basis. With players like Young and Pence, they have just one season to contribute and that at just 60%. Should I adjust their rank or should I defend it by claiming it rewards track record versus one season flashes-in-the-plan a la Joe Charboneau?

I did go back and check Emil Brown, who tops this list at #46. However, he ranks right there with across-the-board production. Unfortunately, the Royals non-tendered him. If he had remained with the Royals, I'd have kept him unremarked upon, but, without a starting job, he may have hit the end of the road. What teams have so little OF depth that Brown's PT would be unchallenged the way it had been in the past three seasons in Kansas City?

Rank Player +/- Rank Player +/- Rank Player +/-
46 Brown Emil down 61 Swisher Nick   76 Michaels Jason  
47 Gonzalez Luis   62 DeRosa Mark   77 Hermida Jeremy up
48 Alou Moises   63 Taveras Willy   78 Catalanotto Frank  
49 Drew J.D.   64 Jenkins Geoff   79 Byrd Marlon  
50 Guillen Jose   65 Patterson Corey   80 Taguchi So  
51 Jones Jacque   66 Nady Xavier   81 Spilborghs Ryan  
52 Pierre Juan   67 Payton Jay   82 Murton Matt  
53 Young Delmon up 68 Kemp Matt up 83 Wilkerson Brad  
54 Kearns Austin   69 Diaz Matt   84 Bautista Jose  
55 Bradley Milton   70 Young Chris up 85 Duncan Chris  
56 Cabrera Melky   71 Roberts Dave   86 Johnson Reed  
57 Anderson Garret   72 Church Ryan   87 Monroe Craig  
58 Pence Hunter up 73 Burrell Pat   88 Floyd Cliff  
59 Stewart Shannon   74 Gomes Jonny   89 McLouth Nate up
60 Encarnacion Juan down+ 75 Ethier Andre   90 Scott Luke