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MLB Rumors: Johan Santan To Either the Red Sox Or Yankees. Andy Pettitte Returns

Update [2007-12-3 12:55:16 by Eric Hz]: Johan Santana's agent has contacted the local Minnesota papers to say Santana did not tell the Twins he would only waive his NTC for the Red Sox or Yankees.

Now Johan Santana has informed the Twins he will not wiave his no-trade clause during the 2008 season nor will he do it for any team that is not the New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox. Some updates on the Santana sweepstakes.

Sean McAdam reports the feeling is the Boston Red Sox are only trying to run-up the price the Yankees have to pay for Johan Santana while also mentioning the team has been in contact with the Milwaukee Brewers for ace Ben Sheets. Those two positions seem inconsistent. Why bluff for one ace while trying to land another, who will likely cost close to the same price as the first?

Kevin Kernan and Joel Sherman follow-up yesterday's ultimatum that the Twins crap or get off the pot with Johan Santana by stating, "The Yankees are concerned about being trapped in an endless loop of talks that could stymie their attempts to pursue other options..." This makes a lot of sense given the package offered for Santana should be at the top of any offered for Oakland's Dan haren, Baltimore's Erik Bedard, etc.

They also report the third piece is expected to be someone along the lines of SS Alberto gonzalez or pitcher Jeff Marquez.

Update [2007-12-3 9:59:35 by Eric Hz]: Andy Pettitte looks to be returning to the Yankees for 2008. Does this make it more likely Iam Kennedy would be included in a Santana trade or that a Santana trade to NY is unlikely?