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MLB Rumors Update: Johan Santana, Pittsburgh Pirates, St Louis Cardinals, Texas Rangers

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John Perrotto with Baseball Prospectus writes there is a growing sense that neither the Yankees or Red Sox will acquire Johan Santana.  The main story is behind the BP subscription wall which is unfortunate for the non-subscriber as the team there is in Nashville and running "The Mill" to report trade rumors.

ESPN is also running a bloggy feature to provide updates. The latest has Steve Phillips offering up that Erik Bedard is looking more and more likely to be dealt as potential partners are lining-up.  This looks like a nightmare come true for the Twins who will see the competition destroy their bargaining position.

The former Mets GM also reports some murmurs about a Pittsburgh/Cleveland trade for Jason Bay. This bolsters Peter Gammons report from thsi morning about the Jason Bay rumors to Cleveland involving Indians' catcher, Kelly Shoppach and others.  I can't believe Bay's value has fallen as far as Lastings Milledge's did.

Dejan Kovacevic relays from Pirates' GM Neil Huntington that the team is likely to stand pat only wanting to bolster its bullpen and bench.  Interstingly, he wants to do it by dealing under-market-value relievers Salomon Torres, Damaso Marte or John Grabow.  I'd expect SS Jack Wilson to be in higher demand given the dearth of available options on the free agent market, but who would play SS for the Pirates.  Also available would be 3rd/4th-tier CF Chris Duffy who is on the outs in Pittsburgh.

St Louis Cardinals

Joe Strauss writes the Cardinals enter the Winter Meetings with a starting pitcher on their list, and the only untouchable player is AA CF Colby Rasmus.  Hopefully, Scott Rolen can land them an excellent LHP in the Milwaukee Brewer's Chris Capuano.  Also noted is interest by the Padres for Jim Edmonds.

The beat writers at The Dallas Morning News monger a rumor about a potential Scott Rolen and Chris Duncan for Hank Blalock trade.  There is a missing consdieration (or two) missing from the Rangers' side.