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What Happened - Week 13: Sean Taylor, Reggie Bush, Leon Washington

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  • The Redskins honored Sean Taylor yesterday by starting their first defensive play with only 10 men on the field.  The Bills' Fred Jackson promptly tore off a 22 yard run.  Now I understand the desire to honor Taylor but I'm not sure getting pushed one-third of the way to a touchdown by the Bills' 3rd string running back was really an honor.
  • Your Week 13 leader in passing yardage?  Luke McCown with 313 yards.  I'm pretty sure I couldn't have told you what team Luke McCown was on when the season started.
  • By the way, when did ReggieBushMania officially end?  Was there an announcement?  If so I must have missed it because he looks like a pretty average back right now.  He still has fewer rushing yards than Ronnie Brown, if that tells you anything.
  • On a completely unrelated topic, Texans' DL Mario Williams had 2 ½ sacks yesterday,  his third straight game with a sack.  He now has 8 ½ sacks for the year.
  • How bad are the Broncos right now?  You can't be sure that any of them are worth starting for your fantasy team right now.  Not a single one.  When was the last time that was true? Cutler's dropoff has been especially bad although to be fair he doesn't have much to work with.  42% of his passing yardage yesterday came from two throws.  
  • The Jaguars are 8-4 and they don't have a WR worth starting every week in your fantasy league.  That's amazing.
  • Kudos to Falcons' QB Chris Redman.  Redman came off the bench to replace Joey Harrington and promptly went 16 for 24 for 176 passing yards, 2 touchdowns and an interception.  He was pushing  the Falcons down the field for the go-ahead score before that last interception.  He was touted as a sleeper option before the Falcons got into this vicious cycle of Harrington-Leftwich and he's worth a pickup right now just in case Petrino stays with Redman the rest of the season.  
  • The Lions ran the ball seven times yesterday. SEVEN.  By comparison, Mike Furrey had seven catches all by himself.  The Lions play calling is seriously, seriously messed up - as displayed by Detroit's four game losing streak.  There are sub-prime mortgages with better futures than Matt Millen right now.
  • The Jets' Leon Washington had two rushing touchdowns yesterday and was robbed of a third TD.  In the third quarter Washington took a short pass 18 yards to the Miami 1 yard line.  Next play, Thomas Jones gets stuffed for no gain.  The play after that, Jones barrels in for the TD.  Whoop-dee-doo.  Take away the Jets final garbage-time drive and Jones ran 21 times for 54 yards.  I hope somebody in New York has been given the sole job of figuring out a way to get rid of Jones in the offseason.  Trade him, cut him, get him to drive Guiliani's mistress around, anything. He's not good and he's blocking a talented LWash from having the starting job.