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2008 Fantasy Baseball Expert Mock Draft

Update [2007-12-3 20:29:2 by Eric Hz]: The draft is live. My first two picks were Prince Fielder and Dave Ortiz.

As the final game of the final week of the fantasy football regular season kicks-off, Mock Draft Central will be holding its the 1st Fantasy Baseball Expert Mock Draft for the 2008 season.  I will be participating with a whole slew of fantasy luminaries and look forward to seeing how 2007's efforts are valued in drafts for 2008.

How high does catcher Russ Martin go?  With 19 HRs and 21 SB, he produced the way Joe Mauer was supposed to perform after being taken in the 3rd and 4th rounds.  How about Hanley Ramirez, who has a case for being taken 2nd overall behind Alex Rodriguez, after hitting 29 HRs and stealing 51 bases?  Or Albert Pujols, who wasn't worthy of the #1 pick last season?

The format is a standard mixed-league 5x5 with no bench spots, and I get to select 11th.  Who do you think will be there?


23 rounds - Roster: 2-C, 1-1B, 1-2B, 1-SS, 1-3B, 5-OF, 1-1B/3B, 1-2B/SS, 1-U/DH, 9-P
Roto Scoring: BA, HR, RBI, SB, R / ERA, WHIP, W, S, K

Official Draft Order:

  1. Chris McDonnell,
  2. Tim Heaney & Nicholas Minnix, KFFL
  3. Alex Cushing,
  4. Paul Greco,
  5. Scott Swanay, Fantasy Baseball Sherpa
  6. Jason Pliml, President -
  7. TBA, Fox Sports
  8. Matt Hinzpeter Fantasy Insider Online
  9. Dave Regan, RotoWire
  10.  Lawr Michaels Creative Sports
  11.  Eric Hinz,
  12.  Todd Zola,