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MLB Rumors: Miguel Tejada and Miguel Cabrera

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While many believe Johan Santana is the onlyu player being traded this off-season, there are still other players who are Plans B through Z for many teams.  Here are a couple updates on two of them - Baltomore Oriole Miguel Cabrera (Plan B/C/D) and Florida Marlin Miguel Cabrera (Plan A2).

Miguel Cabera

Jeff Zrebiec says the Orioles come to Nashville ready to deal everyone, but particularly ss/3B Miguel Tejada and SP Erik Bedard.  The team wants two high-level prospects for Tejada, but the Cardinals already balked at that price.  Bedard would bring a package as big as the one that fetches Johan Santana, but Zrebiec reports there is still disagreement whether the team should deal him.

Mike DiGiovanna reports the O's asked the Angels for Jered Weaver and Brandon Wood, but the Angels are reluctant to deal Wood, who is looked at as the team's starting SS in 2009.  There was no indication what the Angels consider "reasonable" for Tejada, though.  I'm of the ilk that Tejada is a salary dump and any top-shelf prospect/major league player package is too much.

Miguel Cabrera

Dylan Hernandez says the Dodgers are looking at CF Mike Cameron because fellow CFs Aaron Rowand and Adnruw Jones want more than the tema is willing to pay.  He also writes the Marlins are asking for Matt Kemp, James Loney and Clayton Kershaw in a deal for Miguel Cabrera.

Peter Gammons says "Florida has long sought Kendrick. It needs a catcher, hence Jeff Mathis' inclusion in the deal, a pitcher (Nick Adenhart or Ervin Santana) and a lower-level prospect. No longer are the Marlins asking for Adenhart and Santana (just one), and the deal can work. It's that simple."