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Will You Watch A Patriots Blowout?

I've been having an email discussion with some of my friends on whether or not people will watch the Patriots-Giants game tonight.  My buddy Jay is a lifelong, die hard Patriots fan and he's convinced that the nation's football fans will be glued to their TVs for all four quarters to see if the Patriots can break the record.

I just don't see that happening, especially on a Saturday Night with a bowl game on at the same time.  Sure, if the game is close people will tune in to see how it ends.  But if the game is a blowout by halftime and the backups are in the game I don't believe that people will watch the game because it's "historic".  Everybody knows about the 1972 Dolphins, but nobody remembers who they beat in their last regular season game (the Baltimore Colts, by the way).

What do you think?  Will you watch a blowout game with preseason-like lineups just to watch the Patriots break the record?


Are you watching a Patriots blowout?

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  • 50%
    Yes. 16-0 is history and I want to tell my grandchildren I saw it.
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  • 50%
    No. When do pitchers & catchers report?
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