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MLB Rumors: Latest On Johan Santana From Minnesota's POV

La Velle E. Neal III checks in over the Christmas break to offer what he has heard regarding Johan Santana. First, the Twins checked in with the Red Sox, Yanks and Mets just before Christmas. Apparently, the Mets do have a package sans Jose Reyes or David Wright that can get a deal done.

Second, "dormant" is the word he was told aptly described the talks with the Red Sox, and, finally, Kei Igawa's name has resurfaced in links to Yankees' offers. Mr. Neal comments that Kei may be a 4th piece. If that third piece is Jeff Marquez or SS Alberto Gonzalez, I can see Igawa being that kicker that pushes the Twins into consumating the deal!

Charlie Waters of the Pioneer Press reports the Twins are set to have Johan on the mound for the team's opening game agains the Angels. Two 1st round picks in June 2009 is not a good consolation prize for failing to pull the trigger in December 2007.

With the Detroit Tigers and Cleveland Indians ahead of them, the Twins do not have the guns to beat either team in their division. With the Yankees and Red Sox remaining the 90+ win teams they were last season, the chances of the Twins overcoming any of them for the wildcard are also remote. The Twins are not making the play-offs with Santana. Take the best high prospect/0-3 years major leaguer package you can get.