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2008 Fantasy Baseball Outfield Rankings Part I

This is the first part of the outfielder rankings for traditional mixed leagues. I have left-off any comments about who could be better or who could be worse than the rankings. Why? There are just so many quality players amongst these 45 that I'd be splitting hairs.

For example, the difference between the #2 OFer's, Carlos Lee, and the #12 one's, Torii Hunter, score is less than 10. Even the 45th ranked OF, Mark Teahen, is fewer than 10 points worse than the 32nd ranked one, BJ Upton. Overall, each player is within one point of the player preceding and following him.

To split hairs, the greatest differences are between #1 Matt Holliday and #2 Carlos Lee (7.8 points), #8 Lance Berkman and #9 Alex Rios (2.8) and #17 Jason Bay and #18 Aaron Rowand (2.8). To further expand, the greatest difference between one OF and one two spots lower remains at the top with Holliday 8 points better than Vladimir Guerrero followed by a 5.2 point difference between #17 Jason Bay and #19 Eric Byrnes.

Rank Player +/- Rank Player +/- Rank Player +/-
1 Holliday Matt   16 Granderson Curtis   31 Griffey Jr. Ken  
2 Lee Carlos   17 Bay Jason   32 Upton B.J.  
3 Guerrero Vladimir   18 Rowand Aaron   33 Lofton Kenny  
4 Sizemore Grady   19 Byrnes Eric   34 Hall Bill  
5 Abreu Bobby   20 Wells Vernon   35 Ramirez Manny  
6 Crawford Carl   21 Dye Jermaine   36 Green Shawn  
7 Soriano Alfonso   22 Matthews Jr. Gary   37 Hawpe Brad  
8 Berkman Lance   23 Winn Randy   38 Jones Andruw  
9 Rios Alexis   24 Matsui Hideki   39 Giles Brian  
10 Beltran Carlos   25 Dunn Adam   40 Crisp Coco  
11 Damon Johnny   26 Hart Corey   41 Victorino Shane  
12 Hunter Torii   27 Francoeur Jeff   42 DeJesus David  
13 Markakis Nick   28 Cameron Mike   43 Willingham Josh  
14 Suzuki Ichiro   29 Ibanez Raul   44 Teahen Mark  
15 Ordonez Magglio   30 Cuddyer Michael   45 Bonds Barry